Always wanting more treats
Sydney was my first Toy Aussie, and the start to our breeding program. She was taken from us way to early, she was my heart and soul. I miss her everyday, to this day it's hard to think about her without shedding a few tears. Sydney has produced an International Champion when she was bred to Dallas.
Texas is the first male Aussie we have, he is the most gentle soul when it comes to the puppies. He will lay on his back and let the puppies chew on him and run all over him. Texas is now neutered and just hangs out with the puppies.
Sire: Gunpowder N Lead
Noble Cover
Susie Titan
Hesa Top Style
Misters Enchantress
Dam: Top Style Lady
Cover Page

Impressive Bar Tab
Titans Royalty
Sir Quincy Sue
Kids Classic Style
Top Tia
Mr Conclusion
Tardee N Lace
Dallas is the male we purchased to breed Jaci and Sydney. He is the sire of Vanessa Gravett's International Champion, SS Kesha Boo. He produces such gorgeous, and smart puppies, I haven't had the heart to nueter him yet. Since we kept 3 of his daughters back,  he has been used to breed outside females.
Jaci is a daughter of Texas and Sydney. She looks so much like her mom.  Jaci was the most loving mother to her puppies, but now she is spayed and just helps taking care of all the puppies.
Mercy is the daughter of Jaci and Dallas. She is such a tomboy, we didn't know how she was going to be as a mother. But she turned out to be such a great mom, and produces gorgeous puppies.
Shelby is the daughter of Jaci and Dallas. She is the best mom, she was always taking care of Jaci and Bella's puppies before she had her own. She is a natural mother. Her first litter, she produced a Reserve Best in Show Puppy at an ICKC show.
Bella is a Toy size female we purchased when she was a pup. She produces gorgeous puppies with a sweet temperament. She is the best mother to her puppies and all the other puppies. She wants to take care of all them.
Angel is the daughter of Bella and Dallas. She should be a toy, since her mom is only 12 inches and dad is just under 14 inches. But Angel, who has a heart of gold, is about 15 inches and over 40 pounds.
Annie is a daughter of Bella and Vanessa Gravett's International Champion, Marley. Annie is the Queen of the house, she rules over everybody. She may be the smallest at 10-1/2 inches, and 9-1/2 pounds, but she's the boss. You would never guess her and Angel are sisters.
We purchased DJ, short for Dragon Junior, for our stud to breed our girls. He was the most loving puppy we ever had. We lost DJ to a freak accident when he was about 10 months old. We miss him very much. After we lost DJ, I was ready to let all the dogs go, it just hurts too much losing them. They take such a huge chunk of your heart with them.
Since we lost DJ, we needed a new stud for our girls. One big enough for the taller girls, but yet small enough for the small girls. So we purchased Remi. Unfortunately, Remi has an overbite, so we decided to neuter him. Remi is so scared of everyone, and it took him several days to warm up to us, I just couldn't send him off to another stranger. Remi is the sweetest, and most loving dog once he knows a person. So he will just stay here.
Shilo is a small Toy female we purchased to add to our program. She is the most loving and sweetest dog. She is my shadow, she has to go everywhere with me.
CJ, Chip Junior, is our new stud. We are very anxious to see how he will cross on our girls. He is a very sweet and loving puppy, he loves sharing Alan's eggs in the morning for breakfast.
Last but not least is Bear. He is a standard size Aussie, being on the large size. He stands about 25 inches and weighs about 90 pounds. Bear is Alan's helper doing chores.
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