Bella is a beautiful blue merle with one blue eye and one brown eye with a blue speck. She stands 12 inches tall, she comes from a long line of National Champions on her sire and dam's side.  Bella is OFA Good, and CERF- very mild distichia, it does not affect her in anyway. She is N/N for CEA, CH (Collie eye anomaly), CD (Cone degeneration), HC, JC (Hereditary cataracts), HUU (Hyperuricosuria), CMR1 (Multifocal retinopathy) ,NCL6 (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis 6), PRA-PRCD, PRCD (Progressive rod-cone), DM (Degenerative myelopathy) , and MDR1 (Multidrug resistance1). To understand these genetics traits, you can go to to find out more inforamation.
Sire: Linsey's Jasper
Dam: Lindsey's Idaho
Ch Ch Porter's Luck Of Las Vegas
Ch Ch Saddleback Hanna Bannana
Ch Lindsey's Mandi
Ch Ch Porter's Luck Of Las Vegas
Dillion-Blue Merle male
Simon-Blue Merle male
Zeus-Blue Merle male
Angel-Blue Merle Female
Sire: Lindseys Jasper
CH CH Saddlesback Hanna Bannana
Dam: Lindsey's Idaho
CH Linsey's Mandi
CH CH Porter's Luck Of Las Vegas
CH CH Porter's Luck Of Las Vegas
Annie- Black Tri Female
Monique- Black Tri Female
Unique-Black Tri Male
Hollywood-Blue Merle Male
Ebony- Black Tri Female
Major- Blue Merle Male
Hunter- Blue Merle Male
Haley- Black Tri Female
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